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Frequently Asked Questions

Master Craftsman of Today For Yesterdays Memories 

Q. What type of work is done by Schaeffer & Long?


A. Schaeffer & Long is a complete restoration facility for all types of antique, classic and special interest automobiles.  All of our work is of the highest caliber.  Schaeffer & Long is one of the few remaining shops left in the world today that takes no "quickie" short cuts.  Our wooden body framing is done with great attention to detail and durability, using only fine hardwoods such as maple, ash and poplar.  Our mechanical work is done with care and precision, for we believe that antique automobiles should attain their original level of performance. Our Paint work speaks for itself--our beautiful paint finishes are achieved only through diligent labor and finesse.  We aim for complete authenticity in restoration and conduct careful research to this purpose.


Q.  How much will it cost to have my car restored?

A.  Cost depends entirely upon body style and original condition of the automobile.  Rusted-out metal, rotted wood, and broken or missing parts, take great skill, care, and time to restore.  Our customers are charged a competitive hourly rate, plus materials, parts are listed separately, and are billed at the first of every month.

 Q.  May I do part of the restoration work on my car myself, and have Schaeffer & Long complete the remainder?

A.  Yes Schaeffer & Long restores cars both partially and from the ground up. We always encourage active customer interest and participation.

 Q.  Why should I bring my car to Schaeffer & Long rather then another restoration firm?

A.  You as a customer are fortunate in our profession that there are many reputable restoration firms to choose from.  However there are several features that make Schaeffer & Long outstanding in their field.  First, there is our “no short-cuts “policy in our metal working department. Second, Schaeffer & Long is not a sales dealer or parts supply house. We are not a used car lot. This is because we believe that our clients are best served by our full  concentration on restorations. Third Schaeffer & Long has the skill to restore “basket cases” autos so far gone that other restoration shops have turned them away as hopeless. Often a customer has a sentimental attachment to a particular car, so our policy is “No automobile is unrestorable, if you care enough.”  We sketch out what the restoration of one of these “unrestorables” will involve, and then inform you as much as possible so you can make an informed decision. Schaeffer & Long has brought many so-called “hopeless” cases from the edge of the scrap pile grave and onto the show field.


Q. Who Runs Schaeffer & Long?


A. The Owner is Fred Hoch who has extensive experience in the antique automobile field.  Fred Hoch President of the firm has been an ardent member of the hobby since his teenage years.  Fred's father owner a tool and die shop, and Fred learned the techniques of precision machine work at his father’s side. Fred brought to Schaeffer & Long an additional nine years of designing and engineering experience in the aerospace industry and the skill gained through restoration work on his own antique automobile collection.  In addition to the 41 years at Schaeffer & Long.

    Paul Todd is Vice President and General Manager and has a long standing reputation in the antique automobile industry.  His paintwork is almost unmatched.  Paul's skills assembling automobiles is truly remarkable.  Paul has mastered the art of creating fine unrestored original finishes.


Q.  I would like to have my car professionally restored. How may I obtain more information?

A.  If you would like more information concerning our restoration service or a short tour please contact us by calling (856) 784-4044 between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. on weekdays.  You are welcome to make an appointment anytime to see our facilities and view the restorations that are now in progress.


We Hope You enjoy your visit to Scheaffer & Long Inc.

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